4x Battery World ER34615 3.6V 19Ah LS33600 Size D Lithium Battery Wire Leads RFID AMR Backup




Norminal Capacity: 19000mAh

Norminal Voltage: 3.6 V

Max Continuous Discharge Current: 150mA

Max Pulse Discharge Current: 300mA

Weight: 105g

Diameter: 34mm

Height: 61.5mm

Operating Temperature: -55 ° C ~ +85 ° C

Shelf Life: 10 years

Self-discharger Rate: ≤1%

This is not a rechargeable battery. DO NOT Charge battery. 3.6V non-rechargeable D size lithium thionyl chloride battery; 19000 mAh; wide range of temperatures -55°C to +85°C; most suitable for low power consumption devices.

CERTIFICATIONS—RoHS and UN 38.3 compliant; UL and IEC certified.

MANUFACTURER DIRECT—All of our batteries have date-code to guarantee freshness. Lithium thionyl chloride battery has a passivation characteristic. Therefore, we highly recommend customer to use the battery within 3 months to receive optimal performance. Although our battery has a 10 years shelf life (under special storage conditions), we advise customers not to store batteries for a long time due to the passivation characteristic. It is highly recommended that you purchase as many as you need.

CAUTION! If you plugged in the battery into your device and it appears to be “dead” or “half-charged,” it is usually due to lithium battery’s voltage delay or passivation. The battery can generally restore itself after it is started. If it doesn’t, please contact us immediately for free replacement. If you are not sure whether this is the right type of battery for you, please contact us with your device information so we can find you the correct battery.

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