BLUETTI AC200MAX 2200W Power Station Solar Generator 2048Wh LiFePO4 Battery MPPT

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$1,349.00$1,549.00 (-13%)

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FAQQ1: How many BLUETTI B300 or B230 expansion batteries can connect with the AC200MAX?A: Two B300 for 8,192Wh capacity.Two B230 for 6,144Wh capacity.Q2: Does AC200MAX support App control?A: Yes. Once connected via Bluetooth, the BLUETTI App will enable you to control the AC200MAX remotely, like switching the working mode and upgrading the firmware.Q3: What kind of solar panels should I choose for AC200MAX?A: PV input requirements for AC200MAX:Open Circuit Voltage: 10-145VInput Power: 900W Max.Include MC4 connectors.Highly Recommended:6x BLUETTI PV120: ≈3.5hrs.4x BLUETTI PV200: ≈3hrs.2x BLUETTI PV350: ≈3.5hrs.* For reference ONLY.Q4: What is the difference between the AC200MAX and AC200P?The main differences are:1. Output power and capacity: 2,000W AC power and 2,048Wh capacity for AC200MAX, while 2,000W and 2,000Wh for AC200P.2. Max. Input: 1,400W for AC200MAX, while 1,200W for AC200P.3. Output Port: AC200MAX has a 12V/30A NEMA TT-30 port.4. App Control: AC200MAX supports BLUETTI App control.Q5: Can I hot-swap expansion batteries to AC200MAX?Yes. You can easily swap battery packs for continuous power use, and the system can hold two batteries at once.Q6: Can it charge and discharge at the same time?A: Yes.Q7:Can I charge AC200MAX with solar panels and wall outlet simultaneously, or use dual AC adapters?A: Yes, but for the dual AC charging, a second BLUETTI AC adapter is required.Q8:How long will AC200MAX power my device?A: Working time (estimated) = 2048Wh* 0.85 / operating power of your device. (0.85 = Conversion Rate)Kindly note the actual working time may vary under different circumstances.Q9:What devices can be charged/powered by AC200MAX?A: With its 2200W(4800W surge) AC inverter, this solar generator can power most of your appliances under 2200W.BLUETTI AC200MAX 2048Wh LiFePO4 Generator w/ 2×200W Solar Panels RV Home Backup2348.8 USD2936.0 USDFree shipping20%offBLUETTI AC200MAX Solar Generator w/ B300 Expansion Battery 5120Wh Power Station3598.0 USD4098.0 USDFree shipping12%offBLUETTI AC200MAX 2200W Portable Power Station Generator Emergency Battery Backup1599.0 USD2099.0 USDFree shipping24%offBLUETTI B300 3072Wh Solar Generator Expansion Battery for AC300 / AC200MAX Camp1429.0 USDFree shipping


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