EnerSys Cyclon 2V 2.5ah Sealed Lead Acid D Cell (0810-0004)


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Fit Model:
    • Emergency Lighting
    • Dual-Lite
    • 12-261
    • Emergency Lighting
    • Dual-Lite
    • 12-542
  • Replaces battery:
    Chloride 1000010124
    EnerSys 0810-0004
    EnerSys CYCLON-D
    Hawker 0810-0004
    Hawker CYCLON-D

    A single cell, rechargeable D cell battery with a wide range of industrial and commercial uses is the Hawker Cyclon 0810-0004. For devices that need a regular, steady supply of energy, this particular model offers a dependable power source because to its high energy density and long lifespan.

    Its 2V-2.5AH capacity is one of the primary characteristics of the Hawker Cyclon 0810-0004. The battery’s 2.5AH capacity allows it to store and deliver a considerable amount of energy over an extended length of time, while the battery’s 2V nominal voltage guarantees that the device it is powering receives a steady power supply. This makes it the perfect option for gadgets that need a lot of power.


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