OmniCel ER34615HD 3.6V 13Ah Size D Lithium Standard Terminal Replaces Eagle Pitcher PT-2300, Saft LS-33600 LS33600C LSH20, Tadiran TL-2300 TL-4930 TL-5930, Tekcell SB-D01 SB-D02


Brand new Omnicel ER34615HD/s, with the freshest manufacturing date.



✔High and stable operating voltage

✔ High minimum voltage during


✔ Low self discharge rate (less than

1% after 1 year of storage at +25ºC)

✔ Stainless steel container

✔ PTC over-current protection (3-5A)

✔ Hermetic glass-to-metal sealing

✔ Non-flammable electrolyte


■ Nominal capacity 13.0 Ah

(at 15.0 mA, +25ºC, 2.0V cut off. The capacity restored by the

cell varies according to current drain, temperature and cut off voltage.)

■ Rated voltage 3.6 V

■ Maximum recommended continuous current 1,800 mA

(Maximum continuous current to maintain cell heating within safe limits.)

(Higher currents possible. Consult OmniCel.)

■ Maximum pulse current capability 4,000 mA

4000mA / 1 second pulses, drained every 10 seconds at +20ºC from

undischarged cells with 10 μ A base current, yield voltage reading

above 3.0V.

Pulse capability varies according to pulse characteristics (frequency and

duration), temperature, cell history (storage conditions prior to usage)

and the application’s acceptable minimum voltage.

■ Storage (recommended) 30ºC max

(possible without leakage) -55º / +100ºC

■ Operating temperature range -40º / +85ºC

(Operation at temperature different from ambient may lead

to reduced capacity and lower voltage plateau readings.)



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