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      Heavy Duty Battery Box for Group 24-31 Battery Sizes

      Sold By: Ontario, CA

      【Reliable Battery Protection】 This heavy-duty battery box limits battery movement, prevents accidental spills, and protects the battery from dust, dirt, water, and other external elements that could short a battery.
      【For Group 24-31 Batteries】 The battery box fits most Group 24-31 batteries by using the included adjustable divider to secure the battery in place perfectly.
      【Rugged, Durable, and Impact-Resistant】 Made of high impact-resistant polypropylene to withstand harsh environments and mitigate potential damage.
      【Fully Ventilated】 The secure cover incorporates multiple vent holes to ensure full-flow ventilation of hydrogen gas.
      【Easy and Secure Installation】 Securely install the battery box in a car, camper, motorhome, trailer, caravan, kayak, or boat with the included tie-down strap and mounting brackets.

    • $29.99

      LP16 Plug (7-Pin) 10Ft/23Ft Communication Cable

      Sold By: Ontario, CA

      【Inter-device Communication for Optimal Performance】 This communication cable is used to realize the RV-C communication connection between Renogy REGO series products. The inter-device communication allows the REGO battery to dynamically adjust the charging profile for optimal and safe charging.
      【Plug&Play And Easy Operation】 Fast plugging design, easy and precise assembly, and just tap to release.
      【Excellent Electrical Performance】 22AWG high-purity oxygen-free tinned stranded conductors, twisted in pairs, contact core using 3um gold plating, guaranteeing the stable and efficient electrical performance of the product at all times.
      【Durable Design Ensure Safety 】 The cable can achieve IP65 waterproof level protection in a connected state with wide applicable temperatures from-25℃-80℃, producing the best power output in any weather condition. Adopt high-strength structural materials, pressure-resistant structure design can withstand greater vibration and shock, good insulation, low creep, and anti-aging.
      【Tested Quality】 All materials used are RoHS compliant and the cable is UL compliant and suitable for photovoltaic solar applications.

    • $30.99

      Dr.Prepare Ozone Shoe Dryer

      Sold By: Ontario, CA

      Added an optional ozone feature for odor removal.
      Ensures efficient drying with a built-in fan.
      Features extendable drying tubes, with a max. length of 14.3 inches.
      Includes an auto-off drying timer, adjustable for up to 99 minutes.
      Compatible with gloves, hats, socks, helmets, and even berets.

    • $36.99

      Renogy 5FT 6AWG Anderson Adapter Cable(Anderson PP75 – 3/8 in Lugs)

      Sold By: Ontario, CA

      【Specially Designed to Work with Renogy REGO Products】 This Anderson Adapter Cable is specially designed to connect the Renogy REGO DC-DC battery charger with your batteries. The Anderson PP75 connector is compatible with the REGO battery charger. Dedicated M8 battery ring on the other end for effortless connection to your batteries.
      【Plug&Play Operation】 The Anderson connectors allow you to use a simple and easy way to connect the REGO battery charger to batteries, cutting installation time by 60%! Positive and negative labels on both ends of the wires simplify system installation.
      【Excellent Performance】 6AWG high-purity oxygen-free tinned copper wire ensures maximum conductivity. Waterproof design with wide applicable temperature from -40℃-105℃, produce the best power output in any weather condition.
      【Durable Design Ensure Safety】 The Adapter cable with heat-shrinkable tube insulated cable for good electrical safety.
      【Tested Quality】 The product hs passes the vibration test to ensure connection stability. The cable is UL1015 compliant and suitable for photovoltaic solar applications.