• How batteries work? What is Anode and cathode in a battery?

    You will find batteries everywhere as the modern world is used to these sources. Every device that is used in daily life runs on these batteries. So if these devices were not invented, the other things we are using in this modern world would not be available for us.

    But there is confusion that how these small-sized cells work to run big machines and devices?

    From the definition of electricity, we know that it is a flow of electrons that are negative charge through a wire which is called a circuit.

    The structure of Batteries:

    Batteries are composed of three parts, a cathode, anode and electrolytes, the anode got a negative charge, a cathode positive charge. The cathode and anode are attached to an electric circuit to pass current.

    When the chemical reaction starts the electrons are made at anode which causes the difference in electric current between the positive and negative charge. The electron then starts trying to balance this difference and electron start flowing towards the positive charge where the electrons are less.

    When the circuit becomes closed, the electron group together at cathode and energy is produced. This is the way through with electron flow start because of potential cause.

    The chemicals at anode and cathode are changed to stop the electron flow through the electrochemical processes. Because of this, a limited power is created in the battery.

    A solar panel is used while the battery is on recharge mode to alter the direction of electron flow.

    The electrodes are made of a conductive material through which current can be passed. The function of these both is different from one another. The cathode is connected with a positive end while the anode at the negative end. When the battery is discharge, the current leaves which is used to charge something.

    The anode which is connected to the negative end of the battery during discharge, the electric current enters or the electron leaves its place.

    The electrolyte is present between the anode and cathode the electrolyte is in a liquid or gel-like a solution that contains ions or half charge ions. An electric current in the battery is created when the ions are combined with the substance in the solution.

    The battery can be rechargeable and non-rechargeable. Means batteries are of two types, a primary battery and secondary. The primary battery can’t be rechargeable means it doesn’t need to recharge after using it while the secondary can be rechargeable.

  • Types of batteries. What are Primary batteries and secondary battery?

    Batteries are categorized into primary and secondary batteries. Now, what is primary and secondary batteries? The former is a type of battery that is once used can’t be used further by recharging. The second can be recharge after using it and can use it further. The primary battery includes alkaline batteries, mercury batteries, carbon batteries and Silver-Oxide batteries the secondary battery includes Lead-Acid batteries and Lithium batteries.

    Now we will move further to explain the types of batteries.


    • Alkaline Batteries:


    This battery can be recharged. These have high energy density with a long-lasting property. The name ‘’Alkaline’’ is given to this battery is because alkaline is used in it as an electrolyte. The method of working is the zinc powder act as anode and the manganese dioxide as a cathode. The electrolyte used for this battery is potassium hydroxide. The alkaline cell provides more energy if we compare it with a zinc-chloride cell of the similar size. The energy is five times more than the later battery.. The alkaline cell has the voltage value and current supply is 1.5V and 700mA.


    • Zinc-Carbon batteries:


    The second name for zinc-carbon batteries is a dry cell. The name is given because electrolyte that is used in these batteries is dry in nature. These cells come in a carbon rod act as a cathode which is cover by the mixture of carbon powder and manganese oxide. This is for boosting the conductivity. This mixture is then covered with a zinc container that works as the anode. Now come to the electrolyte, the electrolyte of Zinc-Carbon batteries are composed o ammonium chloride and zinc chloride. The value of voltage for these batteries is very low which less than 1.5V. The battery has long lasting ability that can be used for decades. These batteries work best in normal temperature but left working at low temperatures.


    • Lead-Acid Batteries:


    This is the second category of batteries that can be recharged after using it. These were invented in the 1980s. These types of batteries are used in automobiles because of its heavy weight which can complete the needs of those automobiles. The charged and discharged state changes the composition of the Lead-Acid battery.

    The Pb work as a negative and PbO2 as positive in electrodes. The electrolyte in this battery is H2SO4 which is in charged form and PbSO4 and water in discharge form.


    • Mercury Batteries:


    These are non-rechargeable after using it. It is composed of mercuric oxide with manganese dioxide. The voltage of these batteries is constant which 1.35V with the energy level of 5%. These batteries are not so frequently used because of its low output voltage moreover, the mercury use in it is toxic and can cause harm to human body.


    • Silver-Oxide batteries:


    They are very expensive that can be long-lasting as compared to alkaline batteries. There is a variety of large and small batteries which are used for low current appliances. The cathode used in it is silver oxide while the anode is zinc. The electrolyte is alkaline potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide.

  • Meaning and history of the Term ‘’Battery’’ and its applications

    The term battery refers to the composition of single or multiple cells where the electrons start a flow in a circuit by the chemical reaction of those cells. The batteries are composed of two main parts that act as anode, cathode and electrolytes.

    The anode act as a negative side while cathode as the positive side. The electrolyte is a mixture that actually reacts chemically with the positive and negative side of the battery. A chemical reaction takes place once the positive and negative side is connected to a circuit.

    During the reaction, the electrons start flowing through the circuit. The electron goes through the circuit into the cathode and a new chemical reaction is created.

    A time reach when the material is all used during the reaction and then the battery could not perform further reaction and stops working. The battery if is a primary battery can be recharge is of no use in the future but if the battery is secondary type then we can recharge and use it for future projects.


    History of the term ‘’Battery”:


    The word battery was used for the things that joined together and perform the work in the past. The word was used for a series of capacitors by Benjamin Franklin in 1749 for the first time.  Then the term was a start to use commonly for every electrochemical cell.


    How was battery invented?


    An Italian physicist, a biologist and philosopher named Luigi Galvani performing the dissection of a frog which was held to a brass hook. The leg of frog twitched every time he touched it with an iron scapel. He thought that the energy comes from the frog’s leg.

    Later his fellow, Alessandro Volta introduced that the frog’s leg stimulates were cause because of the medium.


    Batteries and their applications:

    There are many types of batteries that come under primary and secondary batteries. They are alkaline batteries, mercury batteries, silver-oxide batteries, Lithium battery, etc.

    Following are some applications of different types of batteries:

    • Alkaline batteries are commonly used throughout the world especially in US, United Kingdom and Switzerland. They work for a long time which is mostly used in remote controls, clocks and radios etc. moreover they are also used in digital cameras etc.
    • Zinc Carbon batteries are very cost effective and are mostly used in electronic devices. They are commonly used in flashlights, toys etc.
    • The lead-acid battery is commonly used in lighting and other such systems. It has one other form which is wet cell battery and is used in computers and telephones exchange etc.
    • Mercury battery is used in photographic light meter and other such electronic devices.
  • Why you should have a portable charger with green batteries

    The smartphone is the biggest necessity of the present age. There are many individuals that cannot live even a second without their smartphone because their business is managed through their phones. The only issue they have to deal with is when the battery of their phone is low and they have no source to charge it.

    In order to resolve this issue, portable chargers have been introduced in the market. There are different types of chargers that you can use but the best one has the green batteries. Here are some of the benefits that you will get from the chargers that have green batteries.




    As from the name you must have got the idea that they have eco-friendly batteries. You might have been wondering that how they are different from the regular batteries that you have been using.

    • The regular batteries are explosive in nature. You cannot burn them because they will burst like a bomb. They cannot be recycled and so it is hard to destroy them.
    • These regular batteries become the cause of the pollution.
    • Green batteries can be recycled because they are manufactured with a special chemical that is easy to recycle
    • You will not have to worry about destroying the environment because you are investing in saving the environment.

    Energy efficient


    One of the biggest benefits of the green battery is that they are energy efficient. They have a longer working capability as compared to the regular batteries that you have been using. They are developed with the special fast-charging technology that will allow you to use them for a long time. As well as they will take less energy for charging that will allow you to save energy and money that you might have to spend on the electricity bills.




    The best thing about the Green batteries is that they have manufactured with the best quality material. The chemicals inside the battery are safe and they will not harm you in any form. In the same way, the outer packaging of the batteries is long-lasting and durable. It can easily withstand temperature changes which mean that you will not have to deal with swollen batteries because of high-temperature. The batteries will not damage because of the temperature changes and so you can easily use them for a long time.




    Most of the people have the misconception that Green batteries are very expensive and it is waste of money. However, you should know that it is the most affordable product that you can buy. They are rechargeable due to which you will not have to invest in the new item for a long time. Once you buy the Green batteries they will serve you for as long as you like.


    Bottom line


    Batteries and LED bulbs have the best variety of Green batteries. We have different portable chargers that work perfectly with the Green batteries. You have to name the product that you want and we will present it. All the products available in our store have the best quality. You will get the items at the most affordable rates. It will allow you to charge your phone wherever you like and you will not have to worry about damaging the battery of your phone.

  • 5 Sure-Fire Ways to Extend Your Lithium-Ion Battery Life

    Some people believe we’re now in the technological age. No, others would argue and say it’s a digital world. And there is also the rest who would call it a mobile world. Regardless of the nomenclature you decide to tag the world with, one thing is certain; and that’s the fact that batteries have become essential to our daily lives.

    Our digital cameras, mobile phones and most other gadgets too, all run on batteries. However, one prevalent complaint about these batteries is that they don’t last long enough. And the reasons for the decrease in battery longevity is quite obvious. What’s not common knowledge is how to care for the battery to keep it healthy. If you use lithium-ion batteries, here are a few tips to keep them healthy.


    # Store at Room Temperature


    A normal room temperature for your battery should be between 20 and 27 degrees Celsius. You’re going to cause a brutal damage to your battery life when you charge it full and subject it to a hot temperature. Always remember to keep your phones away from the oven, cars and any other place that may be hot. When it comes to reducing t a lithium-ion battery life, heat remains the #1 factor.


    # Carry a Higher Capacity Lithium Battery Instead Of a Spare


    Whether you use your batteries or not, at some point, they begin to deteriorate. So a spare battery would also not last longer than the one currently in use. But when you have a battery with a higher capacity, it’d take much more time before it starts aging.


    # Allow Partial Discharges


    Lithium-ion batteries are unique. And unlike NiCad batteries, they lack a charge memory. That implies that deep-discharge cycles are not always required. Matter of fact, it’s beneficial to use a partial-discharge cycles.

    Battery experts recommend that lithium-ion batteries should be completely drained after every 30 charges. It is said that a continuous partial discharge allows for a digital memory – a condition that decreases the accuracy of how your device gauges power. Experts believe that when you let the battery discharge to the cut-off point, the power gauge will become recalibrated when you recharge.


    # For Long-Term Storage, Discharge Lithium-Ion to About 40%


    Try it out too. Charge your spare battery up to 100%, keep for an extended period before use, and you’d find out that it never lasts like the removed battery. This is because charging a lithium-ion battery to full capacity means it’s at its highest oxidation rate. To elongate the life of your lithium-battery ion, discharge to about 40% capacity and store in a cool place – like the refrigerator.

    Lithium-ion batteries are an excellent improvement to other existing types of batteries. When you properly take care of a lithium-ion battery, you should be able to get close to 500 charge or discharge cycles.

  • Best Power Banks 2017

    Mobile Phones and their features gets advanced every year, more the features are added into mobile phones, more powerful and faster becomes your mobile. Though the devices are getting powerful configurations, there are some draw backs to it. Higher the configuration lower goes their battery life.
    Yes, it’s true!! All our powerful mobile devices lack battery backups. Well if you need additional battery backup then you need Power Banks. A Power Bank is nothing but a portal charger that helps you give additional life to your mobile phones when the battery gets low. So, today we will see list of Best power banks 2017.


    1) Mi 20000 mAh Power Bank:
    Mi 20000 mAh Power Bank is one of the best and my most efficient portable power bank. You can charge your device anywhere since it is a perfect carry-on assistant on your travel. It is 18% lighter than other power banks and It has an perfectly configured Intelligently Adjusts Power Output, that displays you the power status accurately.

    • 20000 mAh Capacity
    • 14.5 hrs with 5V/1A plug and standard cable
    • Weights 415 Grams.
    • Supports faster charging
    • Colors in white and box contains( Power Bank, USB Cable and User Guide)

    2) Motorola P5100 Li-Polymer Power Bank:

    Motorola P5100 is a non-stop power banker which comes with 5100mAh Capacity that powers enough battery for your whole family mobile devices. It can be used to charge all the mobile devices at once. It’s an Ultra slim portable design power bank which will easily slip into your pocket and take it anywhere. Have no fear of losing your battery life when Motorola P5100 is in your pocket as a friend in need.

    • 5100mAh Capacity
    • Portable External Battery Pack – Dark
    • Weights 135 grams
    • Charge two devices at once with built-in micro USB cable and USB ports.

    3) Lenovo PA13000 13000 mAh Power Bank:

    Lenovo PA13000 is an economic and budget Power bank from Lenovo. It is built with 13000mAh power which supports 2 ports phone charging at DUAL USB outputs. It has got a matte exterior finishing look with intelligent control chip that Recharge cycles up to 500 times with its auto sensing High quality battery cell. The protection design also comes with a smooth and clear power light display. Lenovo PA13000 comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty. With this in your hand, you will never feel stressed of battery drains.

    • 13000mAh Capacity
    • micro USB 5V/2A, Output: USB2.0 A 5V/2.1A and 5V/1A
    • Power switch and LED: 4 x White LED.
    • Life cycle: 300 cycle with 80% capacity, 500 cycle with 70% capacity.
    • Weights 399g.
    • High-grade matte plastic exterior
    • 1 year manufacturer warranty

    4) Syska X110:

    Chare your mobile anytime, anywhere without fear of getting your mobile battery getting drained out completely. Syska X110 has come up with a 11000mAH power bank. It is one of the most powerful and efficient power bank. Many of the customers have given positive feedback on the Syska X110 power bank. It has got the best power management system that will charge efficiently with its integrated power system.

    • 11000mAH power bank Capacity
    •  offers DUAL USB port with 5V-1A/5V-2.1A
    • BIS certified device with intelligent power management system
    • Life cycle Charging time up to 9 hours
    • Weights 272g.
    • 6 months manufacturer warranty.

    5) Intex IT-PB12.5K:

    Intex is one of the most emerging and trusted brands. It provides you all the devices at a reasonable and minimal cost. Well it the same way, it has come up with Intex IT-PB12.5K which is the one of the best power banks efficient to buy. Intex IT-PB12.5K comes with 12500mAH Power that is available in Black and Red. It also has a life greater than 500 cycles. The best out of all, it has 3 USB ports that can be used all at once without waiting.

    • 12500mAh power Capacity
    •  offers 3 USB port with 5V/1A (Max) & 2x5V/2.1A (Max) power
    • BIS certified device with intelligent power management system
    • Life cycle Charging > 500 times
    • Weights 290g.
    • Designed especially for Mobile , MP3/MP4 , Digicams.

    Well, that’s it!! Those were our list of 5 BEST POWER BANKS in 2017. Do not wait, purchase one of those best power banks listed above that’s suits you the best and enjoy seamless and uninterrupted power of your mobile battery.

  • How to replace or upgrade power tool batteries

    When it comes to replacing or upgrading power tool batteries, one must be sure that has all the information needed in order for the replacement or upgrading to be successful. In this article, we will clarify some concepts and we will provide you pretty useful information about it.

    What is a power tool battery?
    A power tool battery is a replaceable source of power our tools use. By using these batteries, you can enjoy the benefits of having cordless tools since you do not need electricity.
    Among some tools that can be powered in this way, we can find cordless drills, screwdrivers, saws and wrenches.
    When batteries get old or broken, they cannot provide your equipment with energy any longer. In those cases, you should know that you do not need to buy new appliances. You can replace and even upgrade your batteries.
    What should we consider when replacing or upgrading the battery?

    Tips No 01
    First, we should consider the type of battery we will choose. There are three types of batteries and you will have to look into your own usage of the tool to see what kind suits your needs better.
    Nickel Cadmium batteries are pretty cheap but they cannot be recharged until they are fully discharged or the battery can be seriously damaged. If you can bear to wait until the battery is ready to be charged again, that is fine. Otherwise, you may want to read about the other two kinds.
    Nickel Metal Hydride batteries can be charged anytime and have a bigger capacity compared to Nickel Cadmium ones.
    Lithium-ion batteries can also be charged whenever we want to charge them and they have a good capacity too. Besides, they are lighter than the previously mentioned batteries which makes them the best option if your budget is appropriate.

    Tips No 02
    Second, we should consider the size. Due to space limitations, you cannot use a random sized battery. A good idea is to measure your old battery and use those measurements as a parameter to buy the new one. You do not want to spend money on things you cannot use.

    Tips No 03
    Third, you have to think about the capacity.
    This is an important consideration since here you have the possibility of not only replacing but upgrading your power tool battery. If you just get a battery with the same capacity as your old one, it is fine as long as you are comfortable with it. But sometimes you may need to make your tool more powerful in order to fulfill your needs.
    The unit of measurement you have to pay attention to is Ah. “Ah” stands for ampere hour and it is the unit of electric charge that will determine how much your battery lasts every time you charge it. To put it in simple words, the more Ah, the more time your battery will run.

    Tips No 04

    Fourth and last, you have to think about the voltage, which determines how powerful your battery can be in a specific amount of time. Again, to put in simple words, the more voltage, the more power.
    It is recommended that if you are not so familiar with this unit of measurement, you just get a battery with the same amount of voltage.
    The process of replacing the battery
    We highly recommend you to be familiar with the tools we will mention or to ask for some help in case you do not have a clue about using them.
    You will need soldering equipment, a screwdriver and, of course, the new battery you have chosen taking into account what we suggested before.
    First of all, you have to open your battery. The case may be assembled using basic or special screws. If you are lucky enough to have bought a battery sealed with basic screws, then you have not a single thing to worry about. If there are special screws, then your screwdriver may not be useful and you would probably have to resort to another tool.
    It can also be the case that your battery has been assembled with glue. The possibilities are fewer but you will have to be very careful because these batteries were made this way since they are not meant to be opened. Again, using the right tools, you will be successful.
    Secondly, you will have to pull the connections of your old battery apart and take the old battery out of the tool. In most cases, you will not need something else but your hands to remove the battery but we always prepared to these misfortunes.
    Thirdly, you have to insert the new battery and enjoy your tool completely restored.

    So far, we have described the process of replacing your battery and the things you should consider before carrying out this process: type, size, voltage, and capacity.

  • Tips to Extend iPhone Battery Life

    Our smartphones are very useful in our everyday lives, we use them in several ways – from taking a quick selfie, to listening to hundreds of music tracks, to connecting to the internet, then streaming a live video, using the GPS, or even playing HD games.

    Most of the times, we ignore what it would cost us to do some of these things as humans, for instance, you can try drawing out your next selfie(s) with your hands and see how easy it is.

    Smartphones perform these tasks in a matter of seconds, and what gives it the ability? it’s the energy it uses from the battery.

    The battery of a smartphone is as essential as the phone itself, it’s the life of the phone. One more thing, the battery life is also very important. When the battery life is not strong, it drains very rapidly, and needs to be charged continuously. That can be very annoying and frustrating.

    Using a smartphone without a good battery life is like using “daftphone” -it’s useless.



    Playing games is a good way of having fun and overcoming boringness, this is because they are designed in ways that are user engaging, having high definition graphics, real life handling and control simulations, difficulty levels, 3d effects and so on. All these can make you spend a lot of time on your phone, trying to beat that high score.

    However, spending too much time on games is very bad for your battery. Yea, it’s true you got to enjoy the time spent, but actually, it’s doing your battery no good. The various activities carried out by the games make use of the hardware, like sensors, accelerometers (the gravity sensor thingy), 3D display, and even the sounds are very good in draining your battery rapidly, and this can lead to a shorter battery life.

    So next time you are lost in playing a 3D game, remember that your battery life is gradually getting worse.

    Now, we know that the battery life is very important to a smartphone, let’s see some of the ways we can enhance and improve battery life.



    The level of the screen brightness is a very essential factor you need to consider when using your smartphone. Using a very bright screen all day long drains battery very rapidly, this is because the display lights of your smartphone which are responsible for the brightness level are intensified, thus consuming more power than the normal. You can reduce this by lowering the brightness level, or switching to an automatic mode. The automatic mode helps you to adjust the brightness level based on the surroundings, that way, you don’t keep your phone bright all day, and you don’t have to worry about forgetting to reduce the brightness, the smartphone is smart enough to switch it to the suitable level.



    Yes, you heard it right.

    The internet is our buddy, we need to be online, catch up with the latest trends, chat up my friends, stream that video, download that app, – yea, I get that but do you know that a phone connected to the internet drains battery far much more battery that when it’s offline? This is because your phone continuously sends and receives data and information whenever it’s connected to the internet. To send or receive data, your phone needs to make use of radio waves which are very good in destroying your battery when overused. Whenever you are not using the internet, you might need to switch off your internet connection, and doing this will in fact save your battery life.



    A lot of people don’t close their unused apps; you find out that some apps which were opened since a long time ago still pops out back to the same point they were when you left them.

    Many at times, we think an app is closed when it is minimized, however it’s still pretty much active. This is because the app is still loaded in the memory, and comes back up to the point you left it whenever you open it again. While in the idle state, the apps consume battery, and can shorten your battery life. You can save your battery life by closing the apps you are not using at the moment.



    Motion backgrounds or video backgrounds are cool, don’t get it wrong, but remember that your CPU which does the parallax effect thingy is constantly working when you use motion backgrounds, thus draining battery very rapidly.



    One of the coolest features of smartphones is the built-in GPS. This allows your phone to know where you are, and can give you information about your environment, driving directions, information to find you a restaurant, hotel and more. It makes use of the Global Positioning System, connecting to 4 or more satellites, sending and receiving data. But, like any service that sends and receive data over a network, it needs battery power to work. If you’re not using Location Services, and don’t plan to right away, turn them off and save some power.


  • Choosing a Power Bank for Your Phone and Tablet

    If you are one of the millions of people that rely on their cell phones or other mobile devices, then you understand the issue that presents itself once it goes dead! One of the best solutions to the problem is portable chargers, also known as power banks. Power banks carry an electric charge, eliminating the need for an outlet, and they can be used in any location. As long as your power bank has its own charge, then it will be able to keep your phone or tablet alive for as long as you need. Power banks are a convenient tool for users of any mobile device, but all each device has certain aspects that may or may not be right for you. For this reason, we will discuss how to choose the right power bank for your phone and tablet.

    What Are Power Banks For?

    A power bank is considered a mobile charger; it allows you to keep your phone alive without any need for an outlet. While many of them are meant to charge smart phones, a USB-wielding power bank can technically charge anything that fits into the USB port. The difference in the quality of certain power banks may lie in its ability to charge multiple devices. Depending on the amp hour, some power banks are able to charge large devices through the USB. A portable charger can easily charge a smartphone, but with some special features, it will also be able to charge a DS or tablet! Is a Power Bank the Right Product for You? Chances are, the answer is already yes! Power banks are a common item among frequent travellers. However, people may also use them if they are away from their home often. Perhaps you go on a daily exercise routine and forgot to charge your phone; maybe you decide to work overtime on 4% battery; or you have simply been away from an outlet charger all day. How often does your phone die when you away from home? A portable power bank fixes that issue indefinitely! Provided that you are not at home for a large portion of your day, you may be in need of a power bank. If you are not sure where to start, then the following considerations- which we will later go into detail- may help you:

    Is a Power Bank the Right Product for You?

    Chances are, the answer is already yes! Power banks are a common item among frequent travellers. However, people may also use them if they are away from their home often. Perhaps you go on a daily exercise routine and forgot to charge your phone; maybe you decide to work overtime on 4% battery; or you have simply been away from an outlet charger all day. How often does your phone die when you away from home? A portable power bank fixes that issue indefinitely! Provided that you are not at home for a large portion of your day, you may be in need of a power bank. If you are not sure where to start, then the following considerations- which we will later go into detail- may help you:

    • Consider the amp hours.
    • Think of how often you are away from home.
    • Take the size of the power bank into consideration.
    • If you want something extra, then plenty of portable power banks have extra features!

    Things to Consider Before Buying a Best Power Bank Now that you know what a power bank is for and who uses them, you may consider buying one! Despite being a universally useful tool, certain power banks may work better than others. Power banks may be chosen, depending on the capacity of the device, its ability to charge, the actual makeup of the device, and a few other things. While considering the different types of power banks, it is important to know what you are looking for. As a result, you should determine how long you are away from home, how often, what item you want to charge, etc. Certain aspects, including the watts, capacity of the charger, price, movability, and features can make or break the quality of your experience with a power bank. 1.)Consider the Capacity Before thinking of anything else, know the amount of power that you need. The needed capacity is unique you as a person. You should base your choice of capacity off of your daily routine. A majority of manufacturers list the capacity in “hours” or “charges”, but the true measurement is called the Ah or amp hour. Keep in mind that the higher the amp hour, the bigger and more expensive the power bank! 2.) How Mobile Is Mobile? Chances are, a higher capacity portable charger makes room for a much bigger portable charger. Certain power banks can reach the actual size of your mobile device, and others come in compact, keychain form. Depending on your activities for the day, the size of the power bank is a huge thing to consider before making a purchase. 3.) Price After finding the appropriate type of power pack, an appropriate price should be identified. Fortunately for you, the prices of this product, even for high quality, are broad. The price may be determined by any of the previously named factors, including the watts, looks, features, and capacity of the power bank. If you are not looking to spend much, then make your sacrifices accordingly! The price of a power bank can be lowered by eliminating those fancy features, but making a quality purchase should be the most important thing! 4.) Special Features! Finally, some of the best qualities of a power bank include its features. Nowadays, power banks come with a keychain or a separate USB cord. Some of the more special power banks also include a fast charge feature! Older versions of portable chargers may not have keychains or power banks or any other preferred features, so it may be wise to purchase a more recent model. If you prefer an up-to-date model, then settling for a higher price may be the way to go. Special features include, but are not limited to:

    • USB Port
    • Fast Charge
    • Keychain
    • LED Light
    • Dual Recharge


    If you are looking to enhance the quality of your day-to-day routine, then a high-quality power bank is an essential. Being away from home can be stressful; reduce that stress by adding more comfort for yourself. Not only can it save you in dire situations, but it will also keep you connected and relaxed throughout the day. You can use our Tablet Battery Finder to find the right battery or power bank for your tablet. Depending on your particular preference, you will be able to satisfy yourself with your new power bank’s wide range of special features, including LED. How often do you need- and not have- a flashlight? No matter the choice of power bank that you make, it is a guarantee that it will come in handy frequently.

  • How to choose a battery for cell phone

    Modern phones are more than just communication gadgets; they also serve as browsers, calculators, they have hand held gaming system, music and video player, flashlights and many other uses. It has become almost impossible to live our daily life without this phones. But running all this application on our gadgets needs a lot of power. Even with other auxiliary charges such as car chargers and power banks, the phone batteries may not last long enough. Eventually your cell phone battery will degrade and its life span will decrease. And when this signs starts to show you may think of replacing your battery if the phone is fairly new. The following are the main tips to consider while choosing a new battery for your phone.

    Review and know your phone specifics. To get the suitable battery for your phone, you will need to review your phone and know all its specifications. Most people rename their phones, you have to know the exact manufacturers name and model number of your phone, not the name assigned by the distributers or dealers. The user’s manual would be the pamphlet that contains the proper details. You may also have to write down the phones IMEI number and the battery type and serial number.  Also you can find the information on a sticker underneath your battery.

    Check the warranty/ contact your phones manufacturer. First before taking any other action, you will have to contact you cell phone manufacture to find out if your battery had a warranty. Some phone companies usually have one-year warranty for the batteries though others have a longer period covered for the battery. If the battery life degrades between the warranty time frame, the manufacturer has an obligation to offer a new replacement battery. Even if you are not certain that your battery is still on a warranty, you should consult the manufacturer and ask if thy will pay for your new battery. If not, then you will have to purchase your battery from a third party manufacturers.

    Third party manufacturers/company. Once you have all the information about your phone and battery you can begin looking for a new one. The manufacturer will be willing to sell a replacement battery even if their warranty has expired. If not, you will have to source from a third party company. While purchasing from a third party you will need to consider the following main points.

    • Battery quality

    In some cases, third party batteries are made of very low quality materials and may degrade within a short period of time. Some may instantly degrade forcing you to purchase yet another battery within a matter of few months. You will have to consider and compare the new battery with the old one’s specification before purchasing.

    • Counterfeit batteries

    Most of the users are not usually aware of current incursion of counterfeit batteries in the market. These batteries are not usually quality, most manufacture value money so much. But what they don’t know is that money and quality are directly proportional.as a result these batteries can even damage your cell phone. To avoid the counterfeit one has to purchase directly from the manufacturer or the authorized dealer of the particular battery. Here is some iphone battery tips, that help you to extend your iPhone battery life. Not forgetting the issue of the warrant, even with the new cell phone battery one should at least claim a warranty from the manufacturer in case they sell you a product with a factory default.

    Check the reviews of the product before purchasing. You may also need to ask around friends about the product. By doing this, you get response from people who may have bought and used the product to ensure you getting the right product from a positive rated manufacturer.

    Knowing how to source for a replacement battery can save you some dollars. With a brand new quality battery replacement, you can continue to enjoy life with all the apps on your phone. Now that you know how to identify the right and original battery for your phone, you can now use our battery finder and shopping stress free.