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ASUS UL30A-QX039E, PL30, PL30J, PL30JT, PL30JT-R0112X, PL30JT-RO025X, PL30JT-RO029X, PL30JT-RO030V, PL30JT-RO030X, PL30JT-RO040X, PL30JT-RO062V, PL30JT-RO080X, PL30JT-RO084, PL80, PL80J, PL80JT, PL80JT-RO018X, PL80JT-W, PL80JT-WO018X, PL80JT-WO021X, PL80JT-WO036X, PL80JT-WO055V, PL80JT-WO055X, PL80JT-WO065V, Pro 5DIJ, Pro32, Pro32A, Pro32Jt, Pro32VT, Pro5G, Pro5GAG, Pro5GVG, Pro5GVS, Pro5GVT, U30, U30J, U30JC, U30JC-02, U30JC-1A, U30JC-3350SEGDAW, U30JC-370MSFGRAW, U30JC-A1, U30JC-A2, U30JC-A2B, U30JC-B1, U30JC-B2B, U30JC-QHDA1-A1, U30JC-QHDA1-CBIL, U30JC-QX002V, U30JC-QX007V, U30JC-QX012X1, U30JC-QX018V, U30JC-QX043V, U30JC-QX097X, U30JC-QX101V, U30JC-QX101X, U30JC-QX159V, U30JC-QX163X, U30JC-QX168V, U30JC-QX169V, U30JC-QX211D, U30JC-X3K, U30JT, U30S, U30SD, U30SD-RO058V, U30SD-RO068V, U30SD-RO072V, U30SD-RO081V, U30SD-RX002V, U30SD-RX02, U30SD-RX020V, U30SD-RX022X, U30SD-RX2410, U33, U33J, U33JC, U33JC-A1, U33JT, U35, U35F, U35F-X1, U35J, U35JC, U35JC-092E380M, U35JC-2C, U35JC-2D, U35JC-2E, U35JC-2F, U35JC-370MNEGRAW, U35JC-450MNHGRAW, U35JC-A1, U35JC-RX005X, U35JC-RX008X, U35JC-RX012V, U35JC-RX012V-W7HP, U35JC-RX018D, U35JC-RX020V, U35JC-RX040V, U35JC-RX057X, U35JC-RX058V, U35JC-RX076V, U35JC-RX077V, U35JC-RX080V, U35JC-RX089V, U35JC-RX108V, U35JC-RX117V, U35JC-RX118D, U35JC-RX118V, U35JC-RX126V, U35JC-RX127V, U35JC-RX135X, U35JC-XA1, U35JG, U43, U43F, U43F-BBA5, U43J, U43JC, U43JC-A1, U43JC-WX059V, U43JC-X1, U45, U45J, U45JC, U45JC-052E430M, U45JC-2C, U45JC-2D, U45JC-370MSFHVAW, U45JC-A1, U45JC-A2B, U45JC-WX007V, U45JC-WX007V-W7HP-BLK, U45JC-WX008V, U45JC-WX008V-W7HP-SVR, U45JC-WX009V, U45JC-WX016X, U45JC-WX017V, U45JC-WX030V, U45JC-WX031D, U45JC-WX044V, U45JC-WX058V, U45JC-WX072D, U45JC-WX072V, U45JC-WX090, U45JT, U52, U52F, U52F-BBL5, U53, U53F, U53J, U53JC, U53JC-A1, UL30, UL30A, UL30A-5X, UL30A-A1, UL30A-A2, UL30A-A3B, UL30A-QX050V, UL30A-QX070C, UL30A-QX090V, UL30A-QX094V, UL30A-QX130X, UL30A-QX131V, UL30A-QX131X, UL30A-SU7300, UL30A-X1, UL30A-X2, UL30A-X3, UL30A-X4, UL30A-X5, UL30A-X5K, UL30A-X7, UL30J, UL30JT, UL30V, UL30Vt, UL30VT-X1K, UL50, UL50A, UL50Ag, UL50AG-A2, UL50Ag-A3B, UL50AT, UL50Vg, UL50Vg-A2, UL50VS, UL50VS-A1B, UL50Vt, UL50Vt-A1, UL50Vt-X1, UL50Vt-XX009X, UL50Vt-XX010x, UL80, UL80A, UL80Ag, UL80Ag-A1, UL80J, UL80JC, UL80JT, UL80V, UL80VA, UL80VE, UL80VF, UL80VJ, UL80VP, UL80VS, UL80Vt, UL80VT-13D7, UL80VT-13DX, UL80VT-2, UL80VT-2A, UL80VT-2B, UL80Vt-A1, UL80VT-A2, UL80VT-D13, UL80VT-SU7300, UL80VT-WX, UL80VT-WX001, UL80VT-WX0020, UL80VT-WX002V, UL80VT-WX002X, UL80VT-WX004V, UL80VT-WX006, UL80VT-WX006V, UL80VT-WX007X, UL80VT-WX008V, UL80VT-WX009V, UL80Vt-WX009X, UL80VT-WX010V, UL80Vt-WX010X, UL80VT-WX013V, UL80VT-WX022V, UL80VT-WX023V, UL80VT-WX028, UL80VT-WX028V, UL80VT-WX041V, UL80VT-WX046V, UL80VT-WX056V, UL80VT-WX059V, UL80VT-WX059X, UL80VT-WX067V, UL80VT-WX077V, UL80VT-WX092X, UL80VT-WX0O2V, UL80VT-WX109V, X5G, X5GAG, X5GVG, X5GVT


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Weight 1.99 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in

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