BATTERY LITHIUM 3.6V 1/10 D, (Pack of 1) (TL-5134/P)


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Utilize the TL-5134 Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery to the Fullest.

A high-performance, secure, and dependable power source created for usage in a range of applications is the TL-5134 Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery. The TL-5134 offers great performance and long-lasting power, whether you require a battery for your solar power system, electric car, or backup power supply. This battery guarantees that your gadgets stay powered for longer periods of time, giving you confidence and dependability thanks to its high energy density and low self-discharge rate. Thanks to its cutting-edge lithium iron phosphate chemistry, which offers a safer, more environmentally friendly alternative to conventional lithium-ion batteries, the TL-5134 is also renowned for its safety. Look no further for a high-performance and secure battery option.


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