10x ER14250 LS14250 ER3 TL-5101 TL-2150 1/2AA STD 3.6V Dog Collar Lithium Battery EXPIRE 2030


ER14250 1/2AA STD 3.6V Lithium Thionyl Chloride Battery by Forte.

  • Backup power for circuit board.
  • General purpose; camera/electronic cells.
  • Medical equipment; military/aerospace.
  • Telecommunications; water/electricity meter.
  • LED lighting applications.
  • Others.

1/2AA size Lithium Thionyl Chloride Cylindrical Cell High energy, high reliability 3.6 volt

Excellent memory backup power source

Low self discharge rate gives this cell a 10 year shelf life

Stable voltage and broad temperature range (-60° to +85°C)

Replacement for Mac computers, TL-5101, TL-5151 and TL-2100 lithium batteries

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