Battery Monitor & Solar Integration Kit with DL Dashboard Bluetooth App


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A DL staff favorite. Monitor the power level, voltage, and performance of your Dakota Lithium batteries via an easy to use app on your phone. Built into the battery monitor is a 300 watt (15 amp) solar charge controller, allowing you to also add solar panels to any 12V Dakota Lithium battery. Includes everything you need to connect the battery monitor and solar panels to your battery — the mounting hardware, lithium compatible solar change controller & battery monitor, and wiring kit.


Included is the Dakota Lithium Dashboard — a simple & powerful app that allows you to connect your battery to your phone via Bluetooth and see how much power is left in your battery at any one time.


This complete solar integration kit is compatible with any 12V lithium battery and is optimized for lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4). A solar charge controller is recommended for charging batteries with solar energy. When using solar on your boat, yacht, van or RV you will need a charging device which converts the energy which your panels are producing to a stable charging voltage and current that your batteries can easily accept. A solar controller will increase the efficiency of your panels, increasing the amount of energy available for your use. This integration kit includes a wiring kit for easily connecting batteries or solar panels to the DL Dashboard. Instructions are available here.

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Suitable for:

  • Monitor Any 12V Battery
  • Elegant Solar Power Systems
  • Powering Household Appliances
  • RVs, Vans, Campers
  • Sailboats, Boating, and Marine applications
  • Power Tools & Constructions sites
  • Off grid solar applications
  • Compatible with Dakota Lithium Batteries
Battery Monitor Included

Provides real time data on state of charge, voltage, power consumption, charging efficiency and more through the Dakota Lithium Dashboard App for Apply & Android devices.

Solar Charge Controller Included

Nominal power & peak efficiency of 300 watts, 98% efficiency

Wiring Kit Included

Integration kit for connecting your batteries or solar panels to the DL Dashboard includes wiring kit and parallel wiring kit (for connecting multiple solar panels in parallel).

DL Dashboard Mobile App Included

Download the DL Dashboard mobile app. Connect the DL Dashboard to your phone via Bluetooth to monitor your batteries and solar panels in real time.

What is a solar charge controller?

A charging device which converts the energy which your panels are producing to a stable charging voltage and current that your batteries can accept easily.

Rated charge current

15 amps Max (300 watts of solar panels)

Max Power Input / Output

Max solar panel input voltage of 25V. Optimized for charging lithium batteries with an output of 14.4 Volts.

Optimized for Solar Energy

Compatible with any solar panel. For higher efficiency we recommend using with a battery and a solar charge controller.

How does this fit into my off-grid, home power system?

This controls the charging of your batteries with solar panels and greatly increases performance. To use the energy you will an inverter. Inverters make it easy to use energy available from your batteries in the form of an AC wall plug.

System Voltage

12 Volts


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