How to choose a battery for cell phone

Modern phones are more than just communication gadgets; they also serve as browsers, calculators, they have hand held gaming system, music and video player, flashlights and many other uses. It has become almost impossible to live our daily life without this phones. But running all this application on our gadgets needs a lot of power. Even with other auxiliary charges such as car chargers and power banks, the phone batteries may not last long enough. Eventually your cell phone battery will degrade and its life span will decrease. And when this signs starts to show you may think of replacing your battery if the phone is fairly new. The following are the main tips to consider while choosing a new battery for your phone.

Review and know your phone specifics. To get the suitable battery for your phone, you will need to review your phone and know all its specifications. Most people rename their phones, you have to know the exact manufacturers name and model number of your phone, not the name assigned by the distributers or dealers. The user’s manual would be the pamphlet that contains the proper details. You may also have to write down the phones IMEI number and the battery type and serial number.  Also you can find the information on a sticker underneath your battery.

Check the warranty/ contact your phones manufacturer. First before taking any other action, you will have to contact you cell phone manufacture to find out if your battery had a warranty. Some phone companies usually have one-year warranty for the batteries though others have a longer period covered for the battery. If the battery life degrades between the warranty time frame, the manufacturer has an obligation to offer a new replacement battery. Even if you are not certain that your battery is still on a warranty, you should consult the manufacturer and ask if thy will pay for your new battery. If not, then you will have to purchase your battery from a third party manufacturers.

Third party manufacturers/company. Once you have all the information about your phone and battery you can begin looking for a new one. The manufacturer will be willing to sell a replacement battery even if their warranty has expired. If not, you will have to source from a third party company. While purchasing from a third party you will need to consider the following main points.

  • Battery quality

In some cases, third party batteries are made of very low quality materials and may degrade within a short period of time. Some may instantly degrade forcing you to purchase yet another battery within a matter of few months. You will have to consider and compare the new battery with the old one’s specification before purchasing.

  • Counterfeit batteries

Most of the users are not usually aware of current incursion of counterfeit batteries in the market. These batteries are not usually quality, most manufacture value money so much. But what they don’t know is that money and quality are directly a result these batteries can even damage your cell phone. To avoid the counterfeit one has to purchase directly from the manufacturer or the authorized dealer of the particular battery. Here is some iphone battery tips, that help you to extend your iPhone battery life. Not forgetting the issue of the warrant, even with the new cell phone battery one should at least claim a warranty from the manufacturer in case they sell you a product with a factory default.

Check the reviews of the product before purchasing. You may also need to ask around friends about the product. By doing this, you get response from people who may have bought and used the product to ensure you getting the right product from a positive rated manufacturer.

Knowing how to source for a replacement battery can save you some dollars. With a brand new quality battery replacement, you can continue to enjoy life with all the apps on your phone. Now that you know how to identify the right and original battery for your phone, you can now use our battery finder and shopping stress free.

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