How to choose the correct battery charger

In the modern day era that we live in, one of the most important things that a person can have is in fact a phone. Today almost every one has a phone, for the very young to the very old. When it comes to choosing your phone there is a very important thing that people should understand, which charger are you going to choose when you are charging your phone? Chargers also very from phone to phone. Older versions of the iPhone for example uses a much different type of charger than other phones like the Galaxy or Samsung. Another part of choosing the correct battery charger is to find a battery that functions well and can charge quickly or last longer. Phones do have different batteries and these batteries charge better depending on how powerful the charger is when it comes to amp. However choosing a battery charger for your phone doesn’t have to be a long and complex activity, in fact it can be done quickly and easily if you can understand how phone batteries work and what type of charger works. There are many aspects that come with picking a battery charger. Here we will explain how to to choose the best battery charger for you phone.

The Phone that you are using.

When it comes to choosing the charger that you use, it is best to understand what type of phone you are using. Many phones come with many different things, and even phones from the same company can be affected by what type of phone you are using. For example, if someone still uses the iPhone 5 that they brought when it came out v.s the iPhone 6 that is out, there are going to be differences. Even smaller differences can mean a lot when it comes to choosing your phone. It is important to understand the phones that you are using. In fact when it comes to phones, there are a large number of them. So you will have to know what type of phone you are using in order to make sure that you can understand what type of battery charger that you need. One example would be the charger port that you will be using. Most phones do use a similar charger theme, meaning many will be universal and you can use one charger for most. However there are some exclusive chargers. Some chargers may have a fit all port, but depending on the phone battery, you will have to make sure that you battery can handle it or that it won’t over heat. iPhone chargers have evolved over the years. In the past I phones just had a wider ended charger, meaning it would only fit the iPhone. Even now, despite the size change, one of the major walls for leaving the iPhone out of the universal category is the Amperage of the phone. It should be stated now that there is a reason for why phones come with a specific charger when you buy it, and that is because it is the best charger possible for that phone. When you give the phone a charger that charges better for phones of lower amperage or chargers that work better for phones of higher amperage, you are going to have to be careful when choosing said phone. If you have a phone with low amperage, and you use a charger for phones with high amperage, than you are going to end up with a phone that overheats and ends up breaking. If you have a phone with high amperage and you use a charger for phones with low amperage, you will end up with a phone that barely, if ever, charges. Knowing your phone is important due to the fact that phones have different batteries, and such batteries require different chargers for maximum efficiency. So it is very important to know what type of phone one is using while they are choosing a charger.

Knowing the type of batteries the phone has in it.

A part of knowing your phone is knowing your battery. The battery is very important when it comes to knowing which type of charger to use. Many of the batteries not only have different ways to charge thanks to things like amperage but the kind of battery that you are using is very important to know. Batteries come in many different types, many based off of where the power in the battery comes from. A list of these important batteries include some like:

AGM [absorbed glass mat] (these batteries tend to have an electrode suspended in close proximity to the active material in the battery]

Gel Cell(Very similar to the AGM, the Gel Cell in the fact that the electrode in the battery is suspended, but the difference between the Gel Cell and the AGM is the fact that Gel Cells are still considered wet cells. The electrolyte in a Gel cell also has a silica additive, which causes it to either set up or stiffen.

VRLA [valve regulated lead acid](This battery is what would be a the image of what a phone battery when you mention one. This battery is sealed. It also has a valve regulation, which lets a safe escape for the hydrogen and oxygen gasses during charging

When taking into account the types of batteries just listed, this adds more into knowing how to find the battery charger. Many chargers are made with these specific batteries in mind. Each of these batteries are important in understanding what is the best charger to get for your phone.

Another important part to understanding what type your battery your phone has is to understand the amp of the phone. Amp is a major part of a phone battery, this is because shows how long your phone will last before needing to charge. When you look at amp you are basically choosing whether or not you want your phone to charge faster or not. When it comes to charging a phone one of the most important points are the fact that charger size fits whether or not the phone will charge faster or not. The smaller chargers that are sold will have less amp and will take longer to charge while larger chargers will charge a phone much faster. The question comes up, why would I choose a smaller charger over a larger charger? Well you have to remember that phones in fact can over heat while being charged, so such factors will come in when you are looking for a charger. If you are afraid that a phone is going to over heat, it is important to choose a smaller charger over a larger charger.

Understanding the various chargers that exist.

Now this is the most important part of picking a charger, knowing what charger does what, and what other things work with chargers. Now there are many parts of chargers that one must understand. This isn’t just about what type of best AAA charger works best for the phone you brought, but also what parts of the charger you brought, which can allow one to charge their phones in different ways in different circumstances.

When it comes to chargers one of the things that needs to be understood is the part of chargers that allow you to charge your phone in different places and in certain circumstances. For example, take a car charger. Car chargers are special because you are able to charge you phone while traveling on the road or in any other vehicle, as such charges are becoming more common in other vehicles like planes and motorcycles. Car chargers work by taking some energy from the car itself, similar to the way a car radio works. Just like the chargers themselves, there are many different versions of car chargers. Some of the more popular car chargers are :

Moshi car Charger Dou(this is the most powerful and the most popular car charger out there. One of the first things that will catch someones eye is the fact that it has two ports for the charger instead of one, however this isn’t special. What can sell you on it is the performance of the charger. The charger runs at a power of 2.1A, which means that the two ports that the charger has charges devices quickly and efficiently. It is also appealing when it comes to design because of the fact that the charger has lights that glow when it is dark)

Scosche reVOLT Dual(this is the second most powerful of the car chargers. This charger isn’t as powerful as the moshi car charger, but it isn’t far off as it runs on 2.4A. This charger also has glowing lights, so it too looks appealing)

AmazonBasics Dual USB Charger(coming from the great website of Amazon, this charger sets is self from the other four due to the fact that it is the cheapest, only costing around $8. It has a power of 2A, and comes with a neat addition of making a sound when the charger is placed in properly. This is important for those who want to make sure that their phone is charging)

Anker 4-Port USB Charger(The Anker 4-Port USB Charger makes its way in the top 5 due to the fact that such a charger has four ports instead of the traditional two. This means that you can charge more of your own devices, or you can charge multiple peoples phones at once. Having four ports, this charger of course has a power of 9.6A in order to charge each of the four devices quickly and efficiently. The charger cost $18, however it comes with a 18 month policy, each helps usurp the price.

Incipio Dual Auto Charger (If you have a habit of losing cords, than this is the car charger for you. This however might be the worst out of the top 5. This charger can only go one way, meaning that it is a bit limited in what it can charge and it is very expensive, costing $30 dollars. However the charger is still very powerful and great when it comes to charging your phone.

Another type of charger that most people tend to forget are wireless chargers. Wireless chargers one on of the great things when it comes to charging phones due to the fact that you don’t have to worry about losing a cord while charging your phone. Some a wide enough to charge multiple phones. So if you don’t want to lose cords when you are not charging your phone, make sure to get a wireless chargers.

Chargers for wearables like fitbit charge hr charger can be found using our battery finder.

Now when it comes to the charger cords this is when things differ. When it comes to most chargers, many are the same. When it comes to picking a best AA charger it should be noted that some chargers have different amplege, meaning that certain phones charge better with certain chargers. Some chargers however, can be used with both. This can make it more convenient when you are going to have multiple people with you, they all have phones, and each of these phones are different. However the problem is that these chargers are a jack of all trades, meaning that you can’t charge phones the best way. This means that if the charger just happens to charge phones slow, it will take a long time to charge all of the phones. Other two types of chargers work best for phones with either smaller phones or larger phones(not in size of course). This means that if the phone battery has a large voltage for example, this would be a big phone that would need to be charged with a charger that can charge such a phone quickly without worrying about the phone over heating while charging and breaking.

In conclusion.

When it comes to phones, there is no such thing as a perfect charger. There are many ways to charge your phone, and many ways to make sure you phone doesn’t overheat or charge to slow. It is best to understand the phone that you have and how the batter should be charge.

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