Dakota Lithium 12V 1500 Watt DC to AC Inverter – Pure Sine Wave


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Inverters allow you to use 12V Dakota Lithium batteries to power household electronics that require 120V AC (the wall plug in your home). Rated at 1500 watts this professional grade pure sine wave inverter takes DC power (the power that comes from batteries or solar panels) and transforms it into AC power. 1500 watts is the perfect size for most off-the-grid vehicles, including mid sized RVs, boats, Sprinter or camper vans, trailers, job sites for charging power tools, or other off grid applications where you need plug and play power. 1500 watts is a good size to run a medium sized TV, stereo, small kitchen appliances, computers, small heater, or other home electronics. As a professional grade tool, this inverter provides a pure sine wave, which is compatible with the most sensitive of electronics, including CPAP machines, medical devices, and engineering equipment. Instructions and datasheet available here. For larger power systems >1500 watts we recommend the Victron Multiplus inverter. Please note: the recommenced battery size for this inverter is a 100 Ah Dakota Lithium battery or larger.



Suitable for:

  • Powering Household Appliances
  • RVs, Vans, Campers
  • Sailboats, Boating, and Marine applications
  • Power Tools & Constructions sites
  • Off grid solar applications
  • Compatible with Dakota Lithium Batteries
What is an inverter?

This inverter will allow you to transform solar energy coming from solar panels, or stored energy coming from batteries into AC power, the power that you use in your home. This allows you to plug any electronics that have an AC wall plug into this inverter.

Inverter Rating

12 Volts, 1500 watts. For use with 12V batteries to power anything that uses AC power (the power in your wall socket)

Optimized for Solar Energy

Compatible with solar panels. For higher efficiency we recommend using with a battery and a solar charge controller.

How does this fit into my off-grid, home power system?

The inverter makes easy to use energy available from your batteries in the form of an AC wall plug. The inverter connects to your Dakota Lithium batteries. If you are charging the batteries off of a gasoline engine you will want a Orion DC-DC charger. If you are charging your batteries with solar panels you will want a solar charge controller. For real time data on how your system is performing you may want to add a smart shunt or a battery monitor which will tell you how much power your have available at any time.

Recommended Battery Size

Recommenced battery size for this inverter is a 100 Ah Dakota Lithium battery or larger.

Professional Grade Pure Sine Wave

Provides 100% Pure Sine Wave current. Compatible with all AC electronics, including electronics including high definition screens, engineering equipment, and medical devices.


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